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What force is responsible for most bridge failures?

nano_technology.jpgUniversity of Leeds

20th - 23rd July 2015

Nanotechnology is the study and application of matter on a scale smaller than a billionth of a metre.
Cutting across many exciting disciplines, it explores the manipulation of atoms and molecules to produce astonishing products like cars that never
need polishing or self-adjusting sunscreen.

What will I be doing?

• Encountering the extraordinary concepts involved in  nanotechnology

• Exploring the incredible ‘nanoworld’ using world class electron microscopes and scanning probe microscopes to ‘see’ individual atoms and molecules

• Attending masterclasses on subjects including bionanotechnology and carbon nanotubes

• Taking a tour inside the nanotechnology cleanroom to see the equipment and techniques used to make nanoscale devices

• Experimenting with nanoparticles and investigating their unique properties

• Making biosensors and seeing the part that nanotechnology can play in healthcare

• Tackling a nanotechnology team challenge, involving research, discussion and imagination, and presenting your conclusions at the end of the week

• Building your confidence, time management, problem solving and team skills

• Enhancing your CV and making your UCAS application stand out

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The Smallpeice Trust reserves the right to cancel or change any aspect of a course without notice.

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