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University College London

6th - 9th July 2015

Would you like to know how the new generation of protein therapeutics are produced to save millions of lives from life-threatening illnesses such as cancer?

Sponsored by University College London (UCL), this course introduces you to the wide-reaching opportunities that can be had in this ever-changing sector and the impact you could have from studying biochemical engineering.

What will I be doing?

• Exploring the fascinating world of biochemical engineering through a series of hands-on workshops and demonstrations

• Tackling a team challenge to manufacture new generation biological therapies involving research, discussion and plenty of imagination

• Participating in a fermentation simulation challenge to test your knowledge and skills
in the subject

• Taking a tour inside the University’s unique bioprocessing lab and gaining an understanding of the processes involved in the mixing and fermentation of biomaterials

• Attending masterclasses on subjects like regenerative medicine bioprocessing

• Benefiting from the experience and guidance of experts in the field, who will provide valuable careers advice

• Improving skills in team building, communication, time management, problem solving, planning and presentations

• Enhancing your CV and making your UCAS application stand out

This course is full with a large reserve list.  We are therefore no longer accepting applications for this course.  For alternative courses - Click here for details of course availability.


The Smallpeice Trust reserves the right to cancel or change any aspect of a course without notice.

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