BAE Systems Engineering Experience (FULL)

Get a taste for what it’s like to work in engineering with people who live and breathe it every day in the world of defence, security and aerospace. Proudly sponsored by BAE Systems.





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Design and make a real working model with the help of top apprentices and graduate engineers from BAE Systems. Put your lateral thinking to the test, solving problems and finding the best solutions to deliver your project on time and on budget. You might even find the perfect career waiting for you.


Use a range of materials and control systems to build your model.

Learn how computing links to control systems in engineering.

See what it takes to be a true engineer, finding creative solutions that have real potential.

Explore a range of career paths that could take you far and wide around the world.

Work alongside experts who know their stuff and can answer all your questions.

Have fun working as a team, sharpening your communication, time management, planning, and presentation skills.


Lancaster University


16th July – 18th July 2018
3 days, 2 nights, full board residential
Start time: 10.00am
Finish time: 3.30pm

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