Biomaterials Science and Engineering

On this course you will learn about the diverse range of biomaterials and their use in many applications, ranging from regenerative medicine to food packaging. You will emerge with a real understanding of the vitally important role biomaterials will play in our future. (Proudly sponsored by Loughborough University. Read about student experiences from last year)


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Nature is possibly the cleverest materials scientist, producing a large variety of (bio)materials that can satisfy the most diverse applications. However, mankind is still far from making full use of nature’s potential in terms of biodegradable and biocompatible compounds. Improving our understanding of how natural materials work is opening the way to new technologies/applications and enhancing our quality of life.
Some of humanity’s biggest advances and future challenges are dependent on materials and the work of scientists and engineers. One global challenge is our increasing demand on the planet's resources and consequently the need for sustainable materials and solutions.


Learning about materials derived or inspired by natural sources, through a series of masterclasses and lab work.

Discover materials characterisation, including electron microscopy, and take a tour of the university’s world-class facilities.

Competing in the ‘Biomaterials team challenge’ involving research, practical work, discussion and creativity, to present your conclusions at the end of the week.

Gaining an overview of the current trends in biomaterials research.

Learn about materials selection for engineering applications.

Explore the physical and chemical properties of biomaterials and how they can be improved for demanding applications.

Visit a major industrial partner to see materials engineering in action.

Sharpen your team building, communication, time management, planning, and presentation skills.

Build your CV and make your UCAS application stand out.


Loughborough University


9th July – 12th July 2018
4 days, 3 nights, full board residential
Start time: 10.00 am
Finish time: 13.00 pm

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