Civil Engineering

From the world’s tallest buildings to the most spectacular bridges, airports, highways, hospitals, dams, high speed rail and defence against flooding, Civil Engineers provide society with the critical infrastructure we all need to function in a modern and successful society.

Take part in this residential course and learn what it is like to be a civil engineering student at the University of Hertfordshire. Projects may cover areas such as planning, design and construction of infrastructure, buildings and bridges.

To take part, you must be studying A Level Maths.

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In this course you will develop problem-solving and team working skills. You will be expected to apply this knowledge and critical understanding to typical mathematics problems that will be set during sessions.

In this course you will learn about civil engineering materials, structural analysis and design as well as building information modelling.


• Take part in exciting team building exercises and come up with new ways to solve theoretical and practical challenges
• Challenge yourself in the classes that will help develop your understanding and knowledge of materials, design, surveying, health and safety, hydraulics, soil mechanics
• Get involved in practical activities within surveying and materials
• Understand how developments in civil engineering influence the design of infrastructure
• Have fun working in a team, improving your communication, time management, planning and presentation skills
• Get an insight into student life at the University of Hertfordshire and stay in on-campus accommodation
• Develop your CV and make your UCAS application stand out


University of Hertfordshire


24 - 26 July 2018
3 days, 2 nights full board residential
Start: 10.00 am
Finish time: 4.00 pm

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