Physics in Engineering

Get up close to the extraordinary world of physics in engineering, working alongside experienced engineers, scientists and academics to discover its place in our fast-changing high-tech world. Proudly sponsored by the University of Warwick and The ERA Foundation.

**This course is now full for boys**

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Find out how engineering, physics, and maths come together to bridge the gap between theoretical science and practical engineering. You’ll get to learn from industry experts through a mix of masterclasses, workshops and hands-on projects. Plus, explore cutting-edge feats of engineering like the detectors and computational systems on the large hadron collider, advanced satellite telescopes, electron microscopes making single atoms visible, and detectors that identify cracks in nuclear reactors.


Take part in a physics ‘Market Place’ exercise and demonstration.

Be a part of masterclasses and lectures led by PhD students and undergraduates.

Learn about the sun’s weather and how it affects us.

Look at future sources of energy.

Explore high energy particle physics and discover more about ground-breaking areas of engineering.

Work with real instrument designers and builders and explore exciting careers that could take you places.

Enjoy exclusive access to equipment and facilities.

Have fun working as a team, sharpening your communication, time management, planning, and presentation skills.

Build your CV and make your UCAS application stand out.


University of Warwick


17th April – 19th April 2018
3 days, 2 nights, full board residential
Start time: 10.00am
Finish time: 4.00pm

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