Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FULL)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a fascinating field, and one that could make your time at the university an enriching and rewarding experience. Engineers specialising in these fields have transformed the 21st century with technologies such as television, radio, computers, mobile phones and many other electronic portable devices.

Learn what it’s like to be an Electrical and Electronic Engineer at the University of Hertfordshire. You will use state-of-the-art laboratories where you will be involved in project activities that may cover electric energy generation, smart digital system design and test, and robotics. During these activities, you will gain practical experience working with digital oscilloscopes, signal generators, microcontroller boards and sensors and will have the opportunity to use Virtual Reality equipment.

To take part, you must be studying A Level Maths.

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In this course, you will develop problem-solving and teamworking skills. You will be expected to apply this knowledge and critical understanding to typical theoretical and practical problems that will be set during the sessions.

You will be challenged with theories and practices related to electrical and electronic engineering and will learn about the design and test of smart digital systems, microcontrollers, sensors and robots.


You will have the opportunity to:

• Explore the exciting theories and practices in electrical and electronic engineering and develop novel approaches to solve theoretical and practical problems
• Learn through hands-on activities how to design and test smart electrical and electronic circuits and systems, Including microcontrollers, sensors and robots.
• Get involved in practical activities within smart digital systems and virtual reality.
• Get a real understanding of how important electrical and electronic systems are in your everyday life and what amazing possibilities lay ahead
• Have fun working as a team, sharpening your communication, time management, planning, and presentation skills.
• Enhance your CV and make your UCAS application stand out


University of Hertfordshire


29th - 31st July 2019
3 days and 2 nights full board residential
Start time: 10.00 pm
Finish time: 4.00 pm

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