Motorsports Engineering

Interested in making a living working with cars – then gear up for an exciting career in automotive engineering. You will be working alongside engineers and engineering students gaining practical insight into engineering principles, materials and technologies that shape the cutting-edge world of professional motorsport.

*The only places now available on this Yr 12 course are subsidised and for applicants attending certain state schools.*


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Motorsport isn’t just exciting entertainment - it is also an important part of the development side of the automotive industry. During this course you will learn about the aerodynamics of high-speed vehicles, engine and design testing, suspension and tyres.


• Challenge yourself in the classes which will help develop your understanding and knowledge of aerodynamics, engine performance, hybrid technology and traction
• Take part in exciting team building exercises and come up with new ways to solve theoretical and practical challenges
• Get involved in practical activities which may include CAD sessions, FS package design, 3D printing, CAE structural analysis, manufacturing prototypes and testing of race car components
• Test the university's FS car dynamic behaviour in one of the wind tunnels
• Understand how developments in motorsport influence the design of mainstream production cars and understand engine mapping operation
• Have fun working in a team, improving your communication, time management, planning and presentation skills
• Get an insight into student life at the University of Hertfordshire and stay in on-campus accommodation
• Enhance your CV and make your UCAS application stand out


University of Hertfordshire


29 - 31 July 2019
3 days, 2 nights full board residential
Start time: 10.00 pm
Finish time: 4.00 pm

How much

£375 (subsidised fee)