Structural Engineering

Take everything you know about structural engineering and build on it with this exciting hands-on course. Proudly sponsored by Coventry University.


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From sports venues and office blocks to roller coasters, bridges and space satellites, see what it takes to design and build structures that can withstand virtually anything from earthquakes to storms and human use. Get real insight into the life of a structural engineer and put your own skills to the test in a design-and-build challenge.


Explore the fundamentals of structural engineering including pressures, stresses and strains.

Discover the principles of statics, mechanics, different structural forms and materials.

Consider the strength of different materials and how they can affect design.

Put your new skills to the test by designing and building your own structure on budget.

Get career advice from technical specialists who work in this field every day.

Have fun working as a team, sharpening your communication, time management, planning, and presentation skills.

Enhance your CV and making your UCAS application stand out


Coventry University


9th July – 12th July 2018
4 days, 3 nights, full board residential
Start time: 10.00am
Finish time: 12.30pm

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