About Ignition & Momentum Courses

We want young people to live in a world that celebrates their drive to think big and do amazing things. But we can’t do it alone. The engineers of tomorrow need the support of teachers and parents, like you, today. People who believe in their potential and encourage them to take part in courses like Ignition & Momentum.

Building career prospects

From Naval Architecture and Marine Technology to Cyber Security and Girls into Engineering, we have over 30 Ignition & Momentum courses on offer. They not only give young people a taste of engineering, but could get them moving towards a well-paid career for life.

Boosting confidence

As well as focusing on specific engineering topics, Ignition & Momentum courses go a long way to building essential skills in:

Team building
Problem solving

They also add weight to a CV and help UCAS applications stand out.

Out of the classroom and onto campus

All of our Momentum courses take place at some of the top universities across the country. So your child not only gets to learn skills to build their future in engineering, they get a taste of university life in a safe and secure environment.

Have a look at the universities we work with to deliver our courses.