Meet Our Team

Richard Green - Head of Operations

Before joining The Smallpeice Trust I predominantly worked within the retail sector as a store and area manager. I also worked within the welfare to work sector supporting unemployed people back
into work through a number of initiatives. Most
recently, I was employed by Coventry University
to recruit international students from China,
Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea
to study over here in the UK.
The best part of my job is working with a team of such inspiring and multi-skilled individuals. Each member of the team has their own expertise which is how we come up with such varied and exciting projects for STEM days. It is my job to oversee the activities of the Education Team and ensure our residential courses are best in class and our STEM days are delivered to the highest level.

Emma Culey - Education Officer

I deliver STEM workshops in schools to encourage young people to pursue a career in engineering.
I also invent new STEM based activities and programmes to enhance students’ skills.
I have always enjoyed working with young people and have a lot of experience creating exciting and inspiring activities for students.
I studied journalism and media enhancing research and delivery skills which are invaluable when delivering STEM. I also play a big part in the forging of new scientific projects and the organisation of the education team.
I’m really interested in learning how things work and creating new projects using the latest technology. I like to be an advocate for female students in demonstrating that they’re just as good at STEM as any of their male peers.

Jenny Hatcher - Education Officer

I spend most of my time delivering STEM sessions in education venues across the UK.
I am originally from the South Wales coast (Cymru am byth) and moved to England to do a Secondary PGCE in Geography.
I was the only girl doing Computing and Geology A-Levels making me more determined to do well (for the girls). I discovered that geology is science and nature combined, so I took my love and completed Geology BSc (hons) degree at Cardiff University.
I love finding out all about the world around us. Science allows me to understand the workings of our planet. Technology and engineering gives ways to how we can use the natural resources around us. Maths is an important subject for me; being dyslexic I can find words difficult but maths speaks to me; there is logic and sequences that make sense to me.

Jon Bowmer - Education Officer

Following an enjoyable time working in Learning and Development at Bournemouth University, I recently took on the role of Education Officer for The Smallpeice Trust. The opportunity to spend time working with young people and to inspire them to dare to imagine is a dream come true for me. I have always been passionate about education and firmly believe that talking to students early in their academic life can make a big difference to their aspirations. At Smallpeice, our aim is to inspire and enthuse young people to study and take up careers in engineering. Being a parent myself I know how important it is to inspire and support young people to succeed.
I enjoy planning and running residential courses as it allows you to see how students progress in confidence and skill in just a matter of days.

Tariq Ismail - Education Officer

My main aim is to inspire the next generation of engineers by developing and delivering STEM days at schools nationwide and running residential courses at many UK universities.
I studied Biological Sciences for my degree and my passion for science communication and delivery was ignited during the course.
I worked as a STEM ambassador during studying for my MSc degree so it has always a passion of mine to make science and engineering exciting and accessible for young people. My dissertation explored the gender divide within the field of engineering which is something we at The Smallpeice Trust try to address.
I like to understand how the world works and push the boundaries to make new discoveries, STEM allows you to do this. I am interested in photography and like learning how art and science can complement each other.

Tom Adams - Education Officer

I'm based in Scotland and deliver most STEM days in schools and educational venues in and around the area. In addition, I develop new engineering projects and run residential engineering courses at universities across the UK. Communicating the importance of science and technology to young people seems like a worthwhile way to combine my love of science with my ability to explain things and enthuse other people about subjects that I’m passionate about.
I studied Geology with Geotechnics at university, but decided I’d rather work with people than with rocks.
I am a naturally curious person, and if you want to know anything, the scientific method is the best way of finding out. Engineering is how science expresses itself in all of the amazing design and technology which has transformed our lives and which we take for granted every day.