STEM Day course options

Choose from our range of STEM Day courses and book online. Most of our sponsored courses are FREE, while some attract a fee of £595 plus travel, hotel, and meal expenses where applicable. If you have an idea in mind for a STEM Day, let us know and we’ll try and organise it in partnership with a relevent sponsor.

Option 1. Smart Building Challenge

Energy and clean water supplies are 21st century engineering challenges. Each STEM day will focus on these 2 areas of engineering. Students work in small teams of 6 to design and build a system to filter, collect, detect and pump collected rainwater as part of an integrated system on a new smart building.

Students will design and build a watertight water-collection unit, building in a filtration system. They will also need to assemble and solder an electronic water-detector and make a circuit for an electric pump in order to detect and then pump the water which has been collected. This water could be used to flush toilets and water plants in the smart building.

Subjects covered include: water conservation, renewable energy, electricity and circuits, structures and forces

Full day project only.

Book course

Option 2. Crash Proof Vehicle

Students will be asked to design-and build a vehicle that must hold two passengers and survive a high speed, front impact test at the bottom of a pre- designed test facility. The project consists four main elements:

1.Design and construction of a vehicle chassis

2.Consideration of safety features in order to provide adequate crash protection to the occupants (2 eggs)

3.Consideration of materials and budgets to create a cost effective, stylish prototype

Subjects covered include: aerodynamics, forces, health and safety, weight distribution.

Full or half day project.

Book course

Option 3. Cyber Challenge

Mission: STEMpossible! This on-topic ‘capture the flag’ style day challenges pupils to thwart a group of cyber criminals and deactivate the mysterious ‘communications device. The project consists of

1. A cryptology challenge – needed to find a password to a laptop computer.

2. Using an endoscope to explore a small space and find out vital information.

3. Using the KNEX building system to create a deactivation device that will remove a wire from a terminal.

Subjects covered include: cryptology, construction, forces, hydraulics.

Full or half day project.

Book course

Option 4. Hydraulic Drain Crane

Water companies are campaining to stop fat, oil and grease (FOG) being poured down sinks, causing sewer blockages, flooding and distress for residents and businesses.

Students will design and build a crane system to remove FOG (marshmallows) and foreign objects (ping pong balls) from a mock drain. It will be explained that these blockages are a biohazard and students will have to remove them with their crane remotely in the test zone.

Subjects covered include: construction, forces, hydraulics, materials, water conservation.

Full day project only.

Book course

Option 5. Low Emission Vehicle

Students must design-and-construct a buggy, powered by a super-capacitor to complete a specified course. The project consists of three main elements:

1. Construction of a circuit to power the buggy (instructions are provided)

2. Design and construction of a buggy chassis

3. Design and construction of gears to enable the buggy to complete the course in the shortest time

Subjects covered include: circuits, electricity, gears, super-capacitors.

Full day project only.

Book course

Option 6. Propelled Glider

Students must design and construct an aeroplane, which can travel the furthest in the air. The plane is powered by a propeller mechanism and the fuselage is constructed out of balsa wood. This project consists of three main elements:

• Construction of the fuselage and propeller

• Calculating wing loading

• Explore aspects of thrust, drag, lift and weight

Subjects covered include: aerodynamics, incidence angle, shapes, sizes, trimming, wing load calculations.

Full or half day project.

Book course

Option 7. Speaker Project

Students will be tasked with designing and constructing a speaker that can amplify sound produced by a mobile phone or MP3 player. In teams, students must solder the components required onto an amplifier circuit board. They then must design a cabinet to house the components of the speaker; being as creative as they like but considering their target audience for the resell of the product as well as how to retain a good level of sound quality.

Topics covered include: amplification and sound, creative design, electrical circuits, soldering.

Full day project only.

Book course

Option 8. Sustainable Island

An island with no access to electricity or clean safe drinking water has until now been left inhabitable. This project challenges students to think like engineers and come up with a way of using sustainable energy so that people are able to live there.

To do this, teams of students must design and construct a reservoir that can store as much rainwater as possible which can then be connected using a pump to a second reservoir closer to the village. Students must then design-and-build a free standing wind turbine that generates as much energy as possible for the village whilst spending as little as possible on the materials.

Subjects covered include: circuits and electricity, renewable energy, structures and forces, water conservation, wind power and wind turbines.

Full day project only.

Book course

Option 9. Wind Turbine

Students will design-and-construct a wind turbine to produce the greatest amount of electricity, whilst ensuring that their model is aesthetically pleasing as local residents are worried the wind turbine will be an eye sore. Students will:

  • • Construct a circuit to convert the turbine rotation to electricity (instructions are provided)
  • • Design and construct a turbine blade to maximise output
  • • Design and construct a tower to carry the turbine.

Subjects covered include: circuits and electricity, forces, structures, renewable energy (wind).

Full or half-day project.

Book course