Agri-Tech Engineering 2024 (residential)

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Are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of cutting-edge farming technology? Get ready to equip yourself with practical skills that will set you apart, unleash your creativity, and make a real difference in the future of agriculture on our Agri-Tech 2024 residential course.

Join us this year for an exciting journey supported by the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust and the Douglas Bomford Trust. This unique course will open your eyes to the possibilities of sustainable farming practices while ensuring long-term food security for the UK. You'll dive into an immersive experience using robots, helping you to unleash your creative programming and practical skills as you tackle real-world challenges aimed at feeding the world efficiently while minimising environmental impact.

Agri-Tech 2024 is for Year 10 students in England and Wales, S4 students in Scotland, and Year 11 students in Northern Ireland – come join us and be a part of shaping the future of agriculture!


30 Jul - 01 Aug 2024
Start time: 10:00 hrs
Finish time: 16:00 hrs


Harper Adams University



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Challenge yourself to design and build an innovative agri-robot capable of precisely sowing seeds in the ground. You will code the robot's navigation system to ensuring accurate seed placement. This task promises to ignite your problem-solving skills and engineering prowess.

But that's not all! Once your agri-robot is up and running, the adventure continues with an exhilarating twist. Harness the power of technology as you program a colour sensing camera to develop a spot sprayer. This will effectively target and extinguish all the unwanted weeds.

This is the perfect blend of agriculture and engineering, where imagination meets practicality.

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