Aerospace Engineering Experience (non-residential) (FULL FOR MALES)

If you want to give flight to the aircraft of the future, this course is a great way to get your ambitions off the ground. Student date of birth must be between 01/09/2004 & 28/02/2006

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Get hands-on experience with a range of technology used in the design and development of modern aircraft. Learn the basics of aircraft flight, the principles of lightweight structural design, and the need for efficient propulsion systems. Plus, you can test out different designs for yourself in the wind tunnel, flight simulator and in-flight. You’ll also learn more about the cost and environmental factors driving today’s engineers to design innovative technology for the future.


26 May - 28 May 2020

Kingston University, London
Start time: 09 : 30 hrs
Finish time: 17 : 00 hrs



Non-residential event

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