Enjoy a fun-filled family Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) event, learning how to build a speaker that can amplify sound! This is a fantastic opportunity to explore STEM in a hands-on way whilst learning more about STEM careers. Please note that this is an exclusive event and is only open to Year 8 students from Ashcroft High School, Denbigh High School, Chiltern Academy and Putteridge High School only.

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Held at the Leonardo office in Luton, this family event is open to students in Year 8 with a parent/carer and will last two hours (free parking on site). A project that fuses practical STEM learning with business & enterprise, students (with their parents/carers) will build a speaker that can amplify sound, trying it out with their own phones and then getting to take it home at the end of the event. Please note that due to the nature of work carried out by Leonardo, the MoD places restrictions on nationalities of visitors to the site. Therefore although every effort will be made to accommodate applicants, places cannot be guaranteed.


23 Jan - 23 Jan 2020

Leonardo, LU1 3PG. Child accompanied by one Adult/Carer
Start time: 16 : 30 hrs
Finish time: 18 : 30 hrs



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