Space Science and Engineering (FULL)

How do you build equipment that can leave the planet and explore the universe? In this course, run by people with real-world experience, you will get to experience and learn the key skills in being a space engineer. Student date of birth must be between 01/09/2003 and 28/02/2005.

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The Space Research Centre at the University of Leicester has had an instrument operating in space for over 50 years and is currently involved in missions to Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and deep space. In partnership with education specialists at the National Space Centre and National Space Academy, you will be inspired to send your own solutions to space and help answer some of the most important questions about our universe.


17 Aug - 19 Aug 2020

University of Leicester
Start time: 10 : 45 hrs
Finish time: 17 : 00 hrs



Residential course

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