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Are you a teacher yearning to elevate your classroom experience? Do you feel the weight of making STEM subjects captivating but find yourself constrained by limited resources and time? Your search ends here! In collaboration with Smallpeice Trust, we are thrilled to announce the Primary School STEM SuperStars Programme, generously funded by the NCR Foundation.

Challenge: The Ultimate Glider Challenge.

This isn't merely a STEM programme; it's your passport to a realm of innovation, creativity, and limitless opportunities.

Imagine a classroom where every student is not just listening but is fully engaged, their eyes lit up with the wonder of discovery. We're offering you the chance to be the hero in your students' educational journey, to be the one who introduced them to the marvels of aerodynamics and engineering. And the best part? You don't have to be an expert in STEM to deliver this extraordinary experience. We provide everything you need, from materials to step-by-step guidance, ensuring that you can focus on what you do best—inspiring young minds.

A Day of Soaring Ambitions and Groundbreaking Learning

The programme kicks off with a high-energy, interactive session where your students will team up to design, build, and test not just one but three unique Straw Gliders. Each glider will be a testament to their creativity, a masterpiece of form, shape, and materials. This is a hands-on, minds-on challenge that will have your students applying mathematical concepts, understanding the principles of flight, and thinking critically about design and performance!


27 Feb - 27 Feb 2024
Start time: 09:30 hrs
Finish time: 12:00 hrs


Virtual delivery  


Fully funded by the NCR Foundation


Get ready to transform your students aged 9-11 into aerospace engineers for a day! We're offering a comprehensive package that includes all the materials needed for your school. You'll receive a detailed guidebook, a YouTube Live link for real-time assistance, and post-event resources to keep the STEM learning going. It's like having a STEM expert right in your classroom, but without the added stress or planning!

Once you have completed your pre-evaluation feedback you will be sent a sign-up link to register for the rest of the activities in the Primary School STEM SuperStars challenge. You will be invited to attend two additional livestream sessions with female STEM role models and six mini-STEM sessions.

The CREST Awards are a nationally recognised scheme run by the British Science Association. Students will record each challenge they complete in their CREST Award passport and will receive a certificate and iron-on badge once all 8 are completed!

For further details on the NCR Foundation's generous funding, that is enabling 50 primary schools to join this initiative, please refer to our official press release.

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