Glider Challenge A Journey into the Future of Aerospace!

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Prepare for Take-off! Join our Glider Challenge!

This extraordinary, cost-free programme invites 5 state primary schools to embark on a thrilling exploration of STEM. Generously funded by Olympus, a global medical technology company.

Year 5-6 students (or equivalent) are invited to soar into a world of innovation and creativity - a half-day, virtual workshop that brings the excitement of aerospace engineering right into classrooms across the UK.

About the STEM Challenge Day

The day is fuelled to be a high-flying adventure! Students will team up to design, build, and test three unique gliders, each a masterpiece of form, shape, and materials. The sky's the limit as they unleash their creativity and engineering skills!


25 Jun - 25 Jun 2024
Start time: 09:30 hrs
Finish time: 12:00 hrs


Virtual delivery


Kindly funded By Olympus.


Get ready to transform your Year 5-6 (England and Wales), P5-6 (Scotland), or Year 6-7 (Northern Ireland) students into aerospace engineers for a day! We'll provide everything needed for up to 45 students from each school, guiding them through an unforgettable engineering journey via a YouTube Live link.

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