CyberFirst Advanced

CyberFirst Advanced is a free online course aimed at attracting a diverse range of students who are currently in Year 12 (England and Wales), Year 13 (Northern Ireland) or S6 (Scotland). This course will be focusing on developing the skills and behaviours required for entry into the cyber or computing workplace. This course is designed to expand the knowledge of students who are already studying computer science or who have an interest and aptitude for computers.

To attend one of these virtual courses students will require access to a computer and an internet connection. Students will be sent information in advance to help confirm they have all that is required for the course.

What is CyberFirst

Inspired and led by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, CyberFirst is a programme of opportunities and support helping young people explore their passion for computers and technology and introducing them to the fascinating world of cyber security. Each student course is designed to seek out young people like you with potential, offering the support, skills, experience and exposure you need to be the future first line of defence in our CyberFirst world.

For further information, please contact Smallpeice via email: [email protected]

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CyberFirst Advanced Virtual Summer Course (Full for Boys)

17 Aug 2020 - 28 Aug 2020

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