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Welcome to CyberFirst 

Our society needs people who are intrigued by unexplored technology and dedicated to fulfilling a bigger role in society. They are keen to protect friends, families, communities and commerce and determined to make an impact. Eager to learn and never let up.


We call them cyberists!


Cyberists could be anybody – and they could come from anywhere and from any background. To help find them, support them and train them, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), experienced training partner QA and The Smallpeice Trust are working together to deliver a range of CyberFirst courses.

If you’re plugged into social media, smashing gaming records or just get tech, chances are you’re a cyberist in the making. You’re the future of cyber security.


CyberFirst courses

We don’t just focus on theory behind cyber security. We let students experience it.
CyberFirst is all about practical, hands-on learning and applied teamwork – with a promise to cut through jargon.

All of the courses are carefully designed to bring out every student’s potential. Those who take part delve into how everyday technology really works; how the systems and software that surround us are connected to each other; how information flows through networks; and how we can take sensible steps to protect our digital world. Perhaps most importantly, everyone who does CyberFirst gains a strong sense of responsibility – to act safely, legally and ethically. Integrity is an underpinning principle of everything we teach and something that defines the cyberist profession.


CyberFirst Adventurers is a free one-day development course aimed at 11 to 14 year-olds who have not yet made their GCSE National 4/5 choices and their parents/guardians.

This is a family event designed to educate and inspire your child and to showcase to you, the rewarding opportunities and careers available to them. It is therefore mandatory that all students accepted on the course are accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the day. Any student arriving without a parent or guardian will not be accepted on the course.

Additionally, any students that arrive to a course day, that have not had their place confirmed, will not be allowed to proceed and participate with the day.

Prove you’ve got what it takes to be a Cyberist by applying for the opportunity to attend one of these CyberFirst Adventurers courses.

Don’t just dream about it. Make it happen!


Student and Parent Viewpoint video