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Provide a unique experience for your Secondary School students by signing up for one of our STEM activities – designed to fuel their passion for science, technology, engineering and maths and get them thinking about a career in engineering.

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Our STEM activities are interactive workshops hosted by a Smallpeice Trust educator and designed to complement the national curriculum. For schools in England, this will help you to meet your GATSBY benchmarks.

Activities range from in-school STEM Days to Video Game Development Clubs and regional STEM competitions that pit young people against their peers around the country. All of our STEM activities encourage young people to consider the possibilities of a career in engineering and help them to build life and leadership skills in line with the Skills Builder partnership.

Secure an experience your students will never forget, one that could fuel their passion for STEM subjects and encourage them to think about life beyond the classroom.

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Stem Session – Solar Tower

17 Jun 2024 - 17 Jun 2024

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