Humanitarian Engineering

Find out how engineering can change the world. Engineering innovation impacts on critical situations and can help people to live safely and securely. This course provides a chance to find out what technology development can do, from earthquake resistant design to digital mapping after disasters, and will investigate how engineering links with other disciplines to deliver benefit to those in most need. Student date of birth needs to be between 01/09/2002 & 28/02/2004

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Developments in engineering have the potential to impact on the well being of communities facing global challenges. The course will look at some of the critical situations in which engineering can play a part in improving people’s lives. Learn about combating earthquakes, saving lives in disasters using digital mapping, developing sustainable cities and tackling global health issues. Find out what happens after a disaster and how engineering can reconstruct the lives of those affected. See how technology plays a part in international development.


13 Jul - 16 Jul 2020

University of Warwick
Start time: 09 : 00 hrs
Finish time: 16 : 00 hrs



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