Biomedical Engineering (Birmingham)

This exciting course explores the overarching principles of biomedical engineering. It will enable students to relate principles and dimensions of biomedical engineering and healthcare technology directly to day-to-day applications through the use of a practical learning environment and consideration of key cases. Student date of birth must be between 01/09/2002 & 28/02/2004

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You will learn how you can make a difference and or innovate solutions to improve the lives of others through an evidence-based approach. You will explore the fundamental principles leading to advanced applications of ‘Biomedical Engineering’ during this short course. You will also learn about a number of key dimensions of such a diverse field of engineering which provides numerous, yet inclusive, opportunities for aspiring individuals. For example, during the interactive sessions, you may explore and appreciate the advancements in engineering/technology enabling you to practically explore the man-machine interface. Students will utilise an array of scientific/advanced technological equipment and engage in a range of interactive, practical and seminar based sessions in the discipline of biomedical engineering.


30 Jun - 02 Jul 2020

Birmingham City University
Start time: 10 : 00 hrs
Finish time: 15 : 00 hrs



Residential event

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